Some informations about the 7th MARP regular tournament

Coordinator : Lagavulin

from Saturday 08th November at 00.00.01 GMT until Saturday 20th December at 23.59.59 GMT.

Versions of ALPHAMAME to use : 0.70 (Windows), 0.70 (DOS), or 0.70 (Linux).

List of the games
  GAME MARP entry Judge Settings, rules, comments ...
1 BIOMECHANICAL TOYS t7-biomtoy Francois Daniel Default. Maybe some problems of playback with sound. No problems with no sound.
2 CAMELTRY t7-cameltry-spc Phil Lamat

Default settings, special course will be played.

Any ball can be used, going through the walls is forbidden.

Scoring method : Substract from 10000 your time in tenths of seconds. If a player can't finish the game, his score is the number of stages completed.

Example : If your total time is 6 minutes 23 seconds and 1/10, it makes 383,1 seconds, so that your score is 10000 - 3831 = 6169.

If you sucks with maths, try this Java calculator or this Excel sheet.

3 CYBATTLER t7-cybattler Skito Default.
4 GIGAS MARK II t7-gigasm2b Le Claqueur Fou Default.
5 KYROS t7-kyros Storm Default.
6 LUNAR RESCUE t7-lrescue Dax Default.
7 MAGICAL DROP 2 t7-magdrop2-sm Gameboy9 Default settings : Survival Mode, Medium Difficulty.

Read the "special rules" for that game.

Scoring method : Number of stages first, then points. 1 million per stage, points added to the total.

Example : Stage : 24 , Points : 3 450 218 , Score : 24 000 000 + 3 450 218 = 27 450 218.

Player should indicate his score in the comments box exactly like the example above.

8 MAPPY t7-mappy Wuzel Default.